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Welcome to Blast Craft Service Inc. We are committed to providing the most personalized memorial experiences. As valued customers, you will witness our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the project from design concept to , engraving, to delivery to installation. Blast Craft promises is to provide you, our customers with the care and confidence you deserve.

Incorporated in 1955, Blast Craft Service, Inc. has been the go-to wholesale supplier of granite monuments, features and cemetery lettering (final date engraving) for 50+ years.

Blast Craft is a family owned business that has been faithfully serving the memorial industry since 1955. We are founded on the principle of providing excellent customer service. Our experienced artists and artisans are among the most talented and dedicated in the industry. Our skilled craftsmen are ready to tailor-make the memorial that best represents the legacy of your loved one’s.

Our 27,000 square foot production facility and high quality equipment allows us to provide our customers with the very finest workmanship.

Our skilled craftsmen create beautiful sandblasted lettering, fabricate intricate shaped carved designs and hand etch life-like portraits and scenes.

Quality Materials

Blast Craft has long-standing relationships with both domestic and import granite suppliers, ensuring only the highest quality standards for our customers. Our local granite inventory allows us to meet our customers’ time- sensitive requests. We understand that granite prices and quality vary greatly, and we are committed to providing the best value to our customers without sacrificing the quality they deserve. We blend traditional engraving techniques with the newest technologies in our 27,000 sq ft production facility with industry leading equipment to provide you with the very finest quality memorial.

On-Site Design

Blast Craft employs a full staff of on-site design experts. This team is uniquely qualified to blend your personal vision with their understanding of process and materials. Our designers are dedicated to using the industries’ leading technologies to ensure that your creative ideas become reality.

On-Site Memorial Engraving

Blast Craft originated as an on-site final date engraving company over 50 years ago. Our on- site engraving teams have over 75 combined years of experience. We possess the skills, tools, and attention to detail required to match your existing memorials. This commitment paired with the most advanced equipment, ensures lettering is accurate and of the highest quality craftsmanship. Blast Craft serves much of the Midwest, and we hope to exceed your expectations.

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